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About Outré

Outré was established in the 2020 pandemic as a response to the surge of importance placed on one's physical and mental wellbeing. Outré was formed with the idea of combining the physical, natural, and spiritual worlds in the form of high-quality exercise equipment.  We are constantly striving to improve our products and make the brand as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can....

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The Leopard Yoga Mat Collection

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"Sometimes being outrageous is the formula to becoming outstanding" ~ Fraser, Founder of Outré Fitness

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"I absolutely love my leopard print mat. it ticks all the boxes. Good length, good width. Comfortable, eco mindful, easy to clean and fab looking. Who knew a mat could make you excited to work out on it. I have been looking for one that's gorgeous to look atnd is different to what else is available. loving my workouts on it. Can not recommend enough."

Laura Wiltshire


"I am in love with my Outré yoga mat! It’s lovely and wide with a suede finish so it’s really comfortable to do my workouts on. It arrived really quickly and came with a strap which is great as with many other mats you have to buy this separately. However, the best bit is how super cool it looks! Fuscia leopard print gym mat - all my home gym goals are complete!!"

Georgia Fanshawe

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